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yellow, hello

Friday, March 20, 2015

i smile at yellow, i say hello, hello yellow, yellow hello


what im wearing: primark yellow blazer, primark black tank, primark
dark wash skinny jeans, primark suede black tassel loafers

Optimized-2.jpg_effected (3)

Yellow, it might come in the form of a blazer on your back, or in the form of bright afternoon light peeking through shiny skies, it could come in the form of icy lemonade on a warmer than usual Paris day at your favourite cafe, it could come in the form of a feeling – that brightness that fills you after finishing a great book or meeting a new boy. There is butter yellow, sorbet yellow, champagne yellow, citrus yellow – some are intense and others sit quieter, more mellow. You could paint a wall yellow, you could use it instead of saying ‘hello’, and I guess we all have our very own yellow brick road. And today, with doubt in my pockets and the sun to melt them away, who knows where I’ll go.


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