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behind the seam

Saturday, July 12, 2014

behind the seams


A few weeks ago, a fellow digital entrepreneur reached out about her venture, Behind The Seam. It’s concept is one I really love, basically the boutique offers pre-loved denim from all over the world but the truly original twist is that each pair of jeans comes with a personal narrative from their previous owner. These stories come in the form of a tag in the back pocket of each pair, offering an interesting anecdote or experience about the denim. Now you girls know how much I love vintage and so often I have preached about clothes holding experiences that engrain themselves in the very fabric fibres of a garment, making a piece special to you personally. So obviously, it was a project I wanted to be involved with – I often sell parts of my wardrobe to you, and every time I package up a piece to send off to you, I like to imagine how you will wear it or what will happen to you when you wear it. The stories behind clothes is truly where my interest in fashion lies, not in trends or what a magazine says, but how our wardrobes can build a personal memoir for us. And even behind even the most basic tee or pair of jeans can lie a multitude of memories. I love that and its endlessly fascinating to me, not just in my own closet but in my friends, my Mom’s and even strangers – if I could rifle through their clothes, believe me I would! And so it only seemed fitting to pair up with Behind the Seam and share some of my own denim stories with you, all of which will be available for sale on their website over the next weeks.


behind the seams1


My first Behind the Seams post tells the story of these distressed boyfriend jeans, they truly are as versatile as they are comfortable – with that perfect worn in feeling too. I like to think of these jeans as the easy ones, the ones you reach for when you are in a rush, having a bad day or simply can’t decide what to wear. They’ve certainly seen me through the fair few wardrobe panics and on those particularly hard days, they were a solace in themselves. Keep posted for more of my Behind the Seams stories, until then, take a look at the website here. Happy weekend girls!


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