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behind the seam part 2

Friday, August 15, 2014


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Another pair of jeans, another story, sharing my second denim tale as as part of my collaboration with Behind the Seam. For my first & introduction post to the concept/brand, take a look here.  This summer has been full of stories girls – of travel, of adventure, of laughter but also the simpler sorts too, of stress, hard-work and it all slowly paying off. These particular jeans have been in every suitcase I’ve packed since the beginning of the year. Together we’ve taken over 30 planes – there’s been hotel rooms, friend’s apartments, cafes, beaches, parties – or sometimes they just stayed put in the suitcase, not worn. But they were always around, somewhere. That’s what I look for in a pair of jeans, 100% commitment & 100% reliability – I don’t like pairs I can only wear when I’m on my skinnier side, or the ones that only look good with heels, or the ones that look killer but are so painfully uncomfortable (every girl has one of those too-tight but so flattering pairs they hate but love to wear, right?).  I have all those jeans and dozens of other varieties -but it’s pairs like these  where my real denim love lies. They love me fat, they love me skinny, they love me any which way and they always fit just right. So I wore them everywhere and they saw everything. And that’s my little denim saga this time round , keep posted for parts 3 & 4 next!

Be sure to go discover Behind The Seam, a denim haven where each pair of jeans is pre-loved and comes with a personal anecdote or story from the previous owner in the pocket. An idea, I just adore!  You ‘ll also be able to shop my Behind the Seams denim selections, straight from my own closet, very soon. 


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