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Tuesday, August 26, 2014


cinque terre



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It’s been almost a month since I returned from my 4 week trip around Europe – and I thought instead of overwhelming you with a series of travel posts, I’d leave my final one for the end of August. Cinque Terre was our last stop – Haleigh and I jumped the train from Rome and opted to stay in La Spezia, a walk away from the train that took us to each of the 5 fishing villages of Cinque Terre. I’ve been dreaming of discovering this corner of Italy for a long time now – the colourful buildings all stacked up on the edge of mountain cliffs overlooking the sea – it’s wonderfully picturesque. We walked a lot, we waited for trains a lot, we ate a lot – but above all, we explored as much as we could. Now, it did rain on us for a day or two while we were there, which dampened our spirits for sure, but between the drizzle there were some pretty great times. Like walking 1 km through a pitch black, abandoned train tunnel to access a secret beach where we swam and watched a storm roll in. The foccacia sandwiches we devoured on the beach, the funny strangers we talked to along the way, the victorious moments when we found vacant sunbeds on the beach (no easy feat, the beaches were overflowing!) And on our last evening there, we climbed to the top of Riomaggiore and watched the sun slowly melt through the village and down into the sea. It was beautiful. As for now, looking back on these photos, I’m filled with great memories from this summer – while feeling so lucky to have been able to check out of real life for 4 weeks to go and do something I have always wanted to do with one of my most cherished friends. Here’s to me saving all my money, so hopefully, I can escape some of the European winter and head off on another adventure soon!


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