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Sunday, April 5, 2015


rome in paris; a little street that reminds me of italy in france.

Optimized-vesper dresses.jpg_effected

what im wearing: la redoute trench coat, Vesper violet floral dress, boohoo pom pom heels, zero uv sunglasses & frassy fancy pearl earrings


These photos were taken in Paris on a quiet street that took me by surprise, 4 years later and the city still has ways to awe me – and the streets, so many of which I am still yet to see.. they offer the most important accessory to the outfits I share here, a beautiful backdrop. And this one, I remember gasping, it barely looks real. In fact, it reminds me of Italy – or more specifically, a movie set on Roman Holiday, starring my namesake, Audrey Hepburn. Considering I have only been to Italy half a dozen times, I yearn for the country in an inexplicable, almost crazy way. Parisian culture was de-mystified, living here sort of revealed all I wanted and needed to know. But the Italians, I still have that ignorant infatuation with everything they are. So often for me, that is the most beautiful kind of curiousity – those very first phases of a crush, where you know of nothing but your eagerness to know more. It’s almost magical – and certainly, my favourite part of any relationship, with men, friends, cities I’ve lived in. I really cherish the relationships I have forged with places, I like to keep them close and look back on them. To me there is nothing more rewarding in life than finding slices of the world to call your own. And I want to collect an entire pie of slices. Spain grabs grittily at my soul, Paris took my heart and refuses to give it back – and as for Italy, I cannot quite tell what the country wants from me but I can feel it is something. Which is why I was so happy to find this Italian like street amongst one of the most typically Parisian neighborhoods of the city – and to be wearing an outfit so fitting of everything I imagine Italian – and just like that, it felt like my own silly movie scene with a frantic succession to the airport and a hop onto the next flight to Rome. I must return to Italy soon, this spring and again, this summer. And for every summer forever, I hope.


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