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app talk : mallzee

Monday, April 6, 2015


i found a shopping app I love – it’s like tinder, but instead of overeager creepy men there is infinite swiping of pretty clothes


I met one of my ex boyfriends on tinder, can you believe that? He owned but one book, weighed less than me and his overzealous love for silk scarves was unsettling. But I was bored and lonely in Paris, so I stuck it out for a short while, dating him studiously as if it were research. However it wasn’t long until I drifted away from him and deleted the app from my phone for good. I gave online dating a try and failed (twice) so resorted to never do it again. In fact, most things I prefer to do offline;  I like to meet people organically, I like to read my books in paper form and  I prefer to spend my Sundays away from my screens altogether. However, there are two things I solely do online – to the point of practically not existing offline for me,  money making and shopping. Ironically, they are almost counterproductive and usually I am too busy with the making process to have much time for the more enjoyable spending side of money. I shop online rarely, usually once a month, typically to the grand total of 100 euros or less. Often opting for the same sites I always rely on, ASOS, Topshop etc – I just cannot find the time or patience to go through every site and seek out confusingly similiar versions of the item I’m on the search for. But then I discovered Mallzee, the shopping version of tinder – without strange men posing with their cats – and I’ve not shopped anywhere but via this app since. It revolves around the same swiping action, and you can search via specific garment type or more broadly, by style. Everytime you swipe right, it collects all your favourite products into a wishlist – and you can buy these directly via the app. Let me give you an example, I wanted some new denim skirts for summer, so I typed that right into Mallzee, browsed a few different options and then settled on this one in both colours from Forever 21. So much easier than bouncing from site to site, trying to keep up with a dozen different open tabs on my laptop. Also, with Mallzee I can shop in the taxis or the post office queues I constantly find myself in – these ‘inbetween’ moments are the only time I can really find to indulge in shopping these days, so the app fits nicely into my life. I like it – and I certainly like it more than tinder – I’ve always preferred clothes to men anyway, I am just happy there is an app that agrees with me too.

mallzee can be downloaded for free via the app store for  iphone or via  google play for android – and you can browse my featured shopping choices on the app homepage


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