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warm red

Sunday, October 19, 2014



What I’m Wearing: River Island Red Hat, Zero UV Sunglasses, Zara Breton Crop Top, Chicwish Denim Skirt & La Paire Leopard Flats




Marilyn Monroe once said “I feel like a warm red autumn”, I love the quote, it conveys so much so simply. With the weather unexpectedly warm yesterday and golden leaves everywhere – it was one of those rare perfect days that isn’t quite summer, not nearly winter – an impeccable in between. A state I have recently found myself in too, in between boyfriends, wading through work from all different sides, between two cities – in between deciding what I want from the next few months and beyond. It feels confusing, and at times, I’m overwhelmed and maybe a little lost, but I’m riding it out – enjoying all these in betweens, finding solace in the fact that at 26, I’m midway to something, what that something is, I’m not sure yet but hopeful nonetheless. And the unpredictability of it all – my life, where I’ll go, what I’ll do next – well, that is exhilarating – and even if this time next year, I am still here writing to you all, well that is a journey I’d quite like too.


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