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tartan co-ord

Monday, December 1, 2014

final edit2

What I’m Wearing: Primark Tartan Co-Ord, Primark Clutch, Primark Chandelier Earrings & Primark Patent Loafers


Hello December, I cannot believe we are here already! Christmas season is officially upon us, how exciting! I’m busy with work, facing another week where I will be in 3 countries in the space of a few short days. Keeping happy and I hope you all are too girls! Winter gets tough for me, I am such a weather brat and often struggle to feel happy when it’s constantly grey outside -but I’m powering through and keeping positive! There are so many things going on in my life that  I would love to write and share with you, but it doesn’t seem the appropriate time – however, one of my aims for 2015 is to be more personal here. I feel like blogging has become overly commercial and so heavily product based – and while I love sharing my outfits and favourite brands with you, I have always tried to keep Frassy as intimate as I felt comfortable with. I adore sharing my stories with you and I like to combine them with the clothes I wear, so here’s to more of that soon and in the new year! You girls are my friends, writing here is always so easy and it flows so seamlessly, as opposed to the writing I do for work which can often be a struggle – and the ease I feel here on Frassy is something I truly appreciate. I truly appreciate you, really I do. Keep cheerful, go get some hot chocolate/chai/coffee somewhere cosy with someone you love this week, okay? More soon!


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