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Saturday, January 31, 2015


Were I a cloud I’d gather My mind up in the air, And fly well know whither, And rest I well know where.



what im wearing: primark duster pale blue trench coat, primark pink & blue cami & primark beige culottes


I feel like I’m living in a cloud these days, it’s a pretty pale blue and very fuzzy soft in a comfortable but confusing way. I like it here under the haze, but not sure I can stay for long. The world feels muted in that way it does when you listen to music on the metro or on a crowded, traffic crammed street. Life is whizzing by, I’m on the street but my mind took off, five blocks down to a quiet corner ahead of me, faraway, in some sort of distant retreat. I’m enjoying sleep, so much so, it’s hard to wake up – and somewhere along the way, ambivalence pulled up a chair and nestled in right next to me. Worry comes at me, but then washes over like a wave, sliding right over my head back down into the sea behind me, a sea full of things I usually bite my nails and stress over. I’m certainly not unhappy – far from it, just a little absent but still ambling on. Drifting through deadlines, dreaming my dreams, writing and rambling into pages that make no sense – all with my mind on pause, up somewhere in this cloud, above and floating and confusing.


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