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Saturday, April 11, 2015


it was a mishmash decade of cities, of friends, of work her life grew messy with contradictions and they sprouted like weeds that bloomed into flowers.


what im wearing: nelly pink trenchcoat, nelly tailored plunge jumpsuit,
nelly sebby glitter socks & nelly pink platform sandal pumps



Mishmash, a word I like – in my wardrobe, in my work and in anything I can or well please. Like socks and sandals, the more unusual the pairing, the better. Or verging-on-excessive lipliner in nudes that often awkwardly fade or glow next to my always-varying degrees of tan. Or a jumpsuit, one I wasn’t so sure would fit…the zip staggered and threatened to rip but I sucked in in that way us women have learnt how and it awkwardly hoisted up on over my hips. I like how it hugs tight and I like the fluid trench flung on top of it, kicking up at my ankles and floating like a a pink kite. Or a typical Paris street and here I am in clothes too bright, too unusual and too tight for the average Parisian to like. You see, I like things to be jumbled, a medley verging on a mess – quite like most of the thoughts that billow out of my brain all day long. Or the desk I’m sitting at, a scattering of ideas and projects piled high and bumping into each other as I sit here and type. Give me irregular, erratic…I like these things and I like them pressed together, crowding into a collage of crazy. This to me, is interesting. Here’s to kicking things off-balance into an L-shape, veering off suddenly, precariously…graciously unsteady.


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