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up in the sky

Sunday, April 12, 2015

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follow her down to the bridge and smile as she stands so tall next to a tower that catches your eye, so incredibly high.

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what im wearing: dahlia marina bib shift dress & zerouv pearl sunglasses

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It had been a tiring few days, my ankles were bleeding under layers of blisters from heels I had to wear and my bones ached in that way Paris way, I say Paris way because when I come here, I work hard. Usually dragging suitcases of clothes behind me, forcing a  smile for meetings that make me anxious. But amongst the work and my forever search for the perfect photo, my friend Valentina came to see me and we found ourselves back underneath one of my favourite bridges, Bir Hakeim. I adore this spot in the city. Always quiet – surprisingly so considering the monumental views – and in between planning brunch somewhere, we shot these photos.

So often, my favourite photos stumble upon me by accident, almost like I trip and fall into them. Usually, quite a great deal of thought goes into the content I share here, but these were a spontaneous surprise. Up in the sky, seemingly close enough to hug the Eiffel -randomly retro too. And just like that, the day was saved – we were laughing and there was this view, no plans after except to find some good food, just two girls on a quiet bridge with all of Paris before them. That is what always strikes so hard me about this city, so many other cities are just where I happen to be – but Paris you can feel. Before you, beyond you and within you.


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