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yellow, blue, sunset skies

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

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some thoughts i found in the yellow, blue sunset skies


what im wearing: chi chi laurie dress & la redoute floppy hat

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Here are some thoughts I found in the sky, here are some thoughts I want you to read, here are some thoughts I need you to know: it’s okay to be foolish sometimes, just reflect on your foolery wisely, if you can. It’s important to work hard, but you must live too, and to live means to let go. You must let go sometimes – life can pull our threads tight and sometimes we must unravel, just a little. There is no shame in your untied or frayed or loose threads, let them hang and sway with you as you amble along. It is perfectly alright to not have a boyfriend, relationships take time and sometimes taking care of yourself takes all of the hours in a day. It is natural to feel uncomfortable in your skin, society melts  confidence away – just hold tight and resist, but realize, we all trip into that hole shadowed by insecurities. Your job really isn’t that important. Your instagram really isn’t that important.

The price of the shoes on your feet isn’t that important. The people and the passions you dedicate your life too, those are important, so find them – and if you haven’t discovered them just yet, search, search until you feel like shouting surrender – and that is when you will stumble right into them. It is okay to just have only a little bit of money. It is okay to live modestly. It is okay to wear the same dress everyday of the week because you love it and it fits nice. Find peace in your bare face because that is your real face. It is okay to be a loner and have just a few friends. It is okay to be scared or shy or unsure of new people. It is okay to feel frustrated until it scorches into anger red. It is natural to feel a sadness so vague it sinks you. It is fine to hide behind sunglasses on the bus as you try not to cry.

It is fun to stay up all night sometimes , it is fun to blow your bank account to zero for a plane ticket somewhere, it is fun to meet boys and never call them again. It is fun to just not care at all from time to time. Please, let go of comparison and forget perfection. Gather courage from the dusts of your doubt and polish your mistakes silver, so  you don’t shake into them again. You own a story that is all your own – write it the way you like, chapters will certainly veer off in disaster but it is up to you to scribble them back into happy endings. And it is quite alright to have entire chapters scrawled messily in a note form that makes no sense. I want you to know it’s okay to feel unsure and messy and chaotic – it’s alright. I know life confounds and confuses you in a swirling quiet way, in ways you keep shyly to yourself… and I want you to know that that is perfectly okay.


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