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la redoute in paris

Sunday, June 7, 2015


what i wore to one of the few press days i actually enjoyed: a/w la redoute in paris

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I tend to stay away from the press day circuit in Paris, full of bloggers and canapes that both leave a weird taste in my mouth. I’m not all that interested in fashion from a commercial view point so these sorts of events are usually pretty boring to me – and I know you girls are the same, sharing photos of shoes I saw on shelves just wouldn’t captivate you. But a few times a year I make an exception for the brands I truly love, the ones that have supported me fiercely and through our work together I’ve watched grow and expand. This year I spent not an hour but an entire day at the La Redoute A/W press day in Paris – and I couldn’t believe how impressed I was. Stretching through an entire building in the Marais, this was a very curated event, located in a warehouse filled with big windows and streaming sunlight. A/W styles clustered in moodboards next to racks of clothing – a story of sorts behind each look dotted up and down every floor, leading up to a cafe upstairs with coffee (and even wine) on tap. One of the most handsome men I have ever seen stood around holding a sign urging visitors to head to the top floor for caffeine – he was almost more of an centerpiece than the clothes. For a girl who usually rolls her eyes at press days, this one was a refreshing change. There was so much to look at – and it was all so beautifully presented, it felt more creative than commercial. And as for me, I was bouncing around all day, working with the brand, together we filmed a whole bunch of content for their youtube channel (more on that soon). From pronouncing ‘culottes’ incorrectly to collapsing in hysterics mid-video, I feel comfortable in front of a camera but too goofy to stay slick enough for more than a few minutes. Between takes, we ran outside to capture what I wore for the day, an A/W La Redoute look – cream is a colour that appeals to me more and more. I like it against my brown hair & tanned skin. La Redoute is a brand I have grown to love, since January I have been contributing to their Style Hub (you can read here) and their anglo-french heritage feels like a good fit for Frassy. And what fun to bounce around this pretty building all day in Paris – I never thought I’d describe a press day as fun, but this one really was. I also want to thank the lovely PR, Laura, who has lovingly been following Frassy since my start – she is my new favourite person and together we laughed all day long. Not to mention, I think being in front of the camera all day brought out the diva in me, look at all those hair flicks. A tad ridiculous, I know.


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