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Friday, June 19, 2015

Clusters of photos from all over Europe, that don’t hold any thematic pattern except to speak 1000 words of fun – because that is what life has been lately, fun. I’ve been bouncing around, collecting boarding passes and marvelling at all the fun projects that have been gathering in my email inbox. Life feels full these days and I’m happy – just a little secure financially not rich but cushioned by savings that make me proud, postcards from places I’ve seen so far this year and a new pup that has brought me more joy than I could have ever imagined. I don’t feel as lost as I did in my early twenties, there is less emotional anguish and my most acute discomfort is blissfully one of exhaustion because I’m busy, busy in many directions and while they might be a labyrinth right now I know eventually they will end where they should. But between getting there and feeling lost, there is the now -I’m on my way in some sort of way, I can’t explain how I know this but my soul has settled just a little. It is this between that I am cherishing this year, almost there, almost somewhere and happy where I am right now.


it seems biba loves shoes as much as i do

lace up shoes by parfois, mules by marais usa, mac lipsticks in honey love, kinda sexy & lady danger


recently spent a weekend away at a pretty resort where I wore a lot of white

dress by ax paris,espadrilles by stradivarius & sunglasses by zero uv


paris by cab a few weeks ago & flowers in barcelona

shoes by oasis – i adore the sidewalks in barcelona, an iconic mark of the city


laughing until it hurts by the sea drinking my favourite drink, water

outfit by oasis – more of this ensemble very soon


flowers in my kitchen on my marble dining room table

buying flowers from the sunday market is a weekly ritual, all of these cost 10 euros, can you believe it?


playing in traffic in paris near the arc de triomphe

blazer & skirt by asap paris, shoes by asos & chanel bag


lounging up high at a beautiful rooftop restaurant I discovered recently

shoes by missguided and oh how I love these shoes!


happily dirty and covered in pollen in the countryside

outfit by primark and that’s an Austen book, I have first editions of all her novels!


summer shoes i have been wearing since early spring

shoes by missguided, la redoute, oasis, forever 21, parfois, chocolate schubar & nelly


barcelona at dusk is so beautiful in the summer

this is right near my apartment, oh how I love my city!


a pink & blue ensemble for my roman holiday

what i wore one day in rome, top by boohoo, skirt by stradivarius & shoes by parfois


my best friend biba

i adore her, i adore her!


dorothy parkers words are personal mantras

forget everything else in this photo, just go buy the book!


sunset on the beach, my favourite place to be

maxi dress by hedonia


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