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a little black dress lookbook

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Optimized-daniel wellington5

the “can i finish my coffee before you break up with me please?” dress

i once was dumped in a cafe quite like this one wearing an dress quite like this one. i was far too dressed up for such a disappointing situation, but it’s best to look beautiful when something bad occurs. he left, i didn’t cry but drank my cafe creme instead & thought about my dislike for said man that dumped me.


Optimized-daniel wellington4

the ‘im off somewhere expensive and fancy to day drink until dark’ dress

ive innocently started many a saturday with a good friend. we start with coffees, perhaps two or three. before the caffeine can even hit, we are energetically jumping into fancy clothes to go blow our bank accounts at a hotel bar for no other reason than we can. by night, we are ridiculously giddy and ready for bed. it’s a wild time and one I’ve not had in a good few years.


Optimized-daniel wellington6

the ‘i’m running  errands but single and seeking a date’ dress

I don’t know about you but I only see the handsome men when I look my very worse. No makeup, unwashed hair and baggy clothes with zero chance of a smile crossing my face. In a somewhat desperate attempt to meet more men, I am aiming to wear nicer things for the more mundane tasks of my daily life. And in hopes of appearingblase about the whole thing, I’ll throw a scarf around my neck, it off balances the daytime sexy I am trying so hard to pull off. Has it worked yet? Unsure but I’ll keep you updated.


featuring dresses from the little black dress new collection

It’s always fun to play fancy with Little Black Dress, a brand I’ve adored for quite some time now and last minute for fashion week, they couriered over some dresses over to me. I hastily stuffed them in my suitcase, added them to my very long ‘to shoot’ list, determined to photograph at least one with the Eiffel in sight. So I did just that. And seeing as all 3 of the dresses are indeed black, I thought black and white would be quite lovely. Timeless like the dresses themselves and timeless like my relationship with Paris. Regardless of my age, I will always wear dresses like these and I will always return to Paris. Some things, be it clothes or cities, never change. As for me, I’m an ongoing series of small explosions that alter me in some way; and so, these classics in my life, I cherish them. They linger and when life is weird, there they are hovering for me to catch and think about. And so I paired each dress with a personal scenario, purely because I’m strange like that. But whatever situation life throws at me, dresses like these are for keeps. I’ll wear them always.


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