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the tuxedo spin off

Wednesday, December 2, 2015
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The tuxedo, I love. My first tuxedo memory is my little brother dressed in one; at the age of 5 he was enlisted the role of ring bearer at a wedding. He looked adorable. I was secretly quite jealous of his outfit. Mine seemed silly and too frilly in comparison. There is something very refined about a tuxedo, even he, the little trouble making rascal he was, looked so regal. Then ofcourse, there is Chuck Bass, TV King of the Tuxedo. Perhaps Don Draper too, although I can’t recall if he actually ever wore one in Mad Men. He’d look damn good in one though. And women in tuxedos? Absolutely amazing. I adore hyper-masculine styles worn by women. If there was a feminist item of clothing,  it would surely be a suit of some sort. I never quite understood the bra burning, they offer practical support we as females need for our bosoms- but a suit or even better, a tuxedo? It’s essentially saying, yes I see you almighty man in your 3 piece but here I am wearing one too. And while not quite a tuxedo, a spin off in the form of a jumpsuit – with big silky lapels and the sort of waistband capable of comfort even after an 8 course of meal, yes this is what I wore today. Comfortable but powerful – two traits we all as women should aspire to. Content with the charm that comes from our femininity but authoritative all the same.


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