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a little more in your latte

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Celebrating starbucks’ free extras for the month of january
with my own caffeinated daily endeavours

for the entire month, all extras are absolutely free from syrup to cream to extra shots of espresso and their new coconut milk too!


i often head over and sit outside starbucks on paseo de gracia at 8 am with a book, this very big street is momentarily
calm before the business day breaks, it is so beautiful, typically sunny and the perfect quiet way to start my day.


my favourite starbucks drink? a tall vanilla latte with soy milk or an iced soy chai tea latte


between blogging & freelance photography work, I spend a great deal of time shooting on the streets, which is exhausting. from dodging people to reshooting a dozen times to waiting for the perfect light, it takes time and no lie, i almost always have a latte in hand or by my feet

Optimized-10 things that took me 26 years to learn4

choosing photo shoot locations based on their proximity to a source of caffeine, which
almost always happens to be starbucks; i cannot be the only one that does this?

Optimized-32 (1)

starbucks just introduced a brand new coconut milk, which i tried
today in my latte – its pretty delicious, my coffee tasted like a milkshake


i use my dog walking duties as a work break, biba and I will wander the neighbourhood,
sit on benches, buy flowers & drink coffee – its my favourite part of everyday

Optimized-10 things that took me 26 years to learn5

genuinely two of the best ways to spend money, as well as time; on coffee and flowers


this charming florist is at the end of my road, i buy all my flowers here
and with starbucks 3 minutes further away, it’s what i call my happy quick escape

You might not agree or perhaps you aren’t aware, but the standard coffee served at cafes in Spain and France is generally speaking, terrible. Too bitter in taste and typically served with a similar attitude. It is probably one of my biggest complaints about these two cultures I otherwise adore. I tend to harp on about it. You already know I’m an avid caffeine gulper, it is problematic but an addiction I am not quite ready to quit. So, for a forever expat like me, always divided between these two countries, Starbucks, over the years became a lovely little ritual in my life. My assistant and I will stop by the Starbucks everytime we embark on a day long shoot. One of my best friends, Haleigh lives a step away from Starbucks in Saint Paul, Paris. Whenever I stay with her, we sleepily trudge over for a latte to drink on the floor of her apartment while we do our makeup. If you live in a world without good coffee, Starbucks is a comforting saviour, and I think most expats could vouch for that. I can wander here; always know the coffee will taste good, my timid soy milk request will never be met with an eye roll and I can walk out with a latte in hand in less than five minutes. It was so incredibly easy to get excited about coffee for this project, I wake up every morning with it on my mind and on that note, I set out to share my Starbucks moments, which essentially equates to when I like to drink coffee, which is pretty much every hour of of every day. But for brevity, I narrowed it down to three. Ofcourse they include books and flowers, my camera and little Biba too. You know, you already know these are all of my favourite things. And with the beginning of 2016, I’ve alluded to waning motivation, so this collaboration with Starbucks is the energy kick I certainly need ; it’s cold, we are post-Christmas broke and if you are anything like me, slumping back into a work routine. Call me crazy, but coffee, an abundance of it is what we need! So here’s to buckets of it, I hope you accessorize accordingly, free extras means a little more in your latte and I for one am headed on an espresso spree.

Starbucks Free Extras are available all of January in all Starbucks stores across France, so go get a venti already!


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