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a cliche can be charming

Friday, October 14, 2016


what i’m wearing: la redoute ivory cable knit jumper, la redoute cropped stonewash jeans & la redoute heeled leather ballet pumps in burgundy


what i’m wearing: la redoute cashmere grey turtleneck, la redoute cropped navy trousers, la redoute grey beret & la redoute buckled wedge heels in navy


what i’m wearing: la redoute short trench coat, la redoute high neck khaki jumper, la redoute stretch cotton chinos & la redoute pointed heels in khaki

It’s funny how living somewhere, such as Paris, you inevitably take things for granted. All the classic Parisian traits evolve into expectation, it took moving away for me to cherish them the way I do now. Such as the endless corner cafes with the wicker chairs, the bakeries brimming with stacks of fresh baked treats, the men in blazers and books under their arms… I could go on and on. Cliches are inherently commonplace but when it comes to Europe,  I find them irresistibly charming. Like pasta and red vespas in Rome or tapas and the beach in Spain. However, my favourite cliches are those of the French variety. Whenever I return, I overindulge, like a child in a candy store ; I want it all, the cakes, the cafe cremes, the walks along the seine, multiple yet predictable jaunts to the Eiffel, because no monument has ever meant more to me and I undeniably love photographing it. I have an entire folder on my hard-drive, spanning about 8 years of photos just of the tower herself. So here’s to all of that, and too many raspberry tarts along the way, a beret just because and finally, La Redoute, a brand so wonderfully francaise, and one I am always honoured to wear here, there and everywhere, but mostly in Paris. Almost everything is better in France and I adore La Redoute for embracing that with the same enthusiasm I do.


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