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an attempt at autumnal makeup

Thursday, October 27, 2016


featuring: primark strobe pearl face and body highlighter, primark strobe bronze highlighter pencil, primark prep & perfect lipliner & lip balm, primark matte lipstick crayon in shade burgundy, primark super matte high pigment colour liquid lipstick in burgundy


Well here we go, another enthusiastic albeit clueless foray into makeup. My sole concern when it comes to what I paint on my face is: does it look okay? No, I don’t aim for good or beautiful, you see my motivation match my skill level, both of which are at a laughable low level. I simply want the bags under my eyes to look less like leather and I make my lips more enormous than they already are (lol and high five to the haters). Technique and mastery are well out of reach for me. To be honest, I’d rather read a book about Hygge than learn how to contour. Funny how we all manage to find  patience but for such different things and when it comes to me, the Danish way of life is far more enticing, time-wise than the perfect eye flick. I don’t think my own peep-holes have ever seen anything but a confused smudge of eyeliner and that’s alright by me, I get by. So, yes I always feel like a farce when I share my make-up antics because they are closer to kindgergarten finger painting than let’s say, Desi Perkins. I love her , I don’t much pay attention to her tutorials but she’s undeniably my youtube queen. Anyway, yes, my autumnal makeup look – in collaboration with Primark; all the products here on my face collectively cost less than the overpriced Paris coffee in my hand. I salute Primark beauty because their prices are no-brainers, which makes their products perfect for experimenting. And I did just that – I dappled with the concept of strobing, which essentially translates to finger dabbing a bunch of this beautifully shiny liquid all over my non existent cheek bones. I think it looks good and certainly reflects a very welcome amount of light away from my  always tiny but recently very exhausted eyes. Primark also offers up a strobing pencil, I won’t lie, I had no idea where to apply, so I shrugged and coloured in the corners of my eyes. It put the shine back in my eyes. I’ve used it everyday ever since. Up next, my lips: the only area where I feel capable of claiming the tiniest iota of skill. Switching my signature matte nude is always a difficult transition but I did the deed for the sake of autumn, the season of darker, moodier makeup. A palette I should perhaps always wear to match my always-autumn disposition. This matte berry? I love it – and even managed to plump my lips large with the corresponding lipliner / lipstick. It’s one of those chubby stick hybrids and I used it all over; to draw and colour in. Kudos to the Primark primer line, which I used to smooth out the alarmingly linear texture of my lips.  And there you have it, my attempt at autumnal makeup.


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