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my everyday smoothie alongside smeg

Thursday, October 20, 2016


When it comes to nutrition, my mom is queen, she taught me well. One of her many fortes comes in the form of smoothie making, I miss her yelling from the kitchen to know if I wanted one of her many delicious concoctions. So being a grown-up, or more truthfully, in my efforts to be one, I long ago incorporated smoothies into my daily diet. In Spain, there is a time of day called merienda; which is a late afternoon snack. Typically it’s a muffin or something similar, but we all know how terribly hard I try to resist gluten/dairy/sugar (basically anything delicious).  And that is how this smoothie came to be, it’s my merienda ritual, 100% nutritious and the perfect fuel to set me up for my evening work-out. So, alongside Smeg, I thought I’d share how to make it, why you should drink it and finally, a giveaway in the form of blender just like mine.


I’m going to call this the Frassy smoothie, which is quite presumptuous because it isn’t the most original of blended drinks, but whatever, I make it all the time, so I named it after my blog. The ingredients are simple: 1 banana, 1 genrous handful of grapes, another of blueberries, chia, flax and sesame seeds and finally, soya or almond milk. After that comes the simple task of tossing everything  into the blender for less than a minute. Then you gulp the goodness. Now, I’m an undeniable seed  enthusiast, I have jars of all kinds stacked everywhere in my kitchen – they are an incredible source of fibre and protein, but also, full of the mineral zinc, essential to healthy hair, skin and nails. Grapes, bananas and blueberries are my preferred fruits but also the most lovely blended. There is something strange in taste to me about produce such as kiwi or mandarins in a smoothie, especially when mixed with the creamier consistency of a milk.  I prefer to consume those in their normal state, or juiced instead.


I especially recommend a smoothie an hour or two before exercising, it’s light but substantial enough to keep you going until you eat properly post-workout. I will also often add coconut water to my smoothies for extra hydration before I step onto the treadmill. The liquid content tricks your body into feeling far fuller than you are ; which makes it a good choice too for weight-loss or de-bloating.  If you, unlike me are capable of early morning exercise, I salute you;  a smoothie makes for a great pre or post gym breakfast. It’s simply impossible for me to wake up and exercise, so I couldn’t suggest this from personal experience, but I imagine it to be very refreshing…if only I could morph into a morning person.




Smeg have kindly offered one of you darling women, who I love so much (truly, I mean it) a beautiful blender just like mine. The giveaway will be hosted over on instagram, all you must do is simply follow Smeg ‘@smegspain” over on instagram, follow me too “@frassyaudrey” and shout out the contest to 3 other friends to win. You can do all of this via the photo on my profile, right here. Winner will be announced in 12 days.


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