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collaborating with schwarzkopf professional

Friday, October 21, 2016




A few weeks ago, I spent 3 days with the lovely team from Schwarkopf Professional, who arrived from Hamburg loaded with an impressive amount of camera equipment, a storyboard dozens of pages thick and a solid confidence that we would complete every last scene in just 3 days . We worked hard, we dashed all over the city, from my apartment to the park to a beautiful hotel rooftop to the hairdresser, and back again,  from 7 am to past midnight – it was exhausting but exhilarating. But ultimately, it was an honour to play the protagonist in this video, I called in my crew which includes my little brother, Biba and my brand manager, Marta who all kindly lent their faces for the good of the project. And between scenes, we had a lot of fun. Now haircare is a rather recent but exponentially expanding concern of mine, I’m sure you’ve noticed this; I’ve spent more time and money on my hair in the last year than I  have in my entire life, so this project couldn’t have come at a more relevant time. It was a professional highlight but also, a much needed education. I learnt a lot about my own set of locks, the damage my daily life pulls on them, how to take better care but also how to preserve my shamefully expensive balayage treatments. I cannot wait to share the project with you!

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