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marl grey, marl khaki

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

what i’m wearing: zara marl grey scarf, zara mark khaki body, j brand skinny jeans, zerouv aviator sunglasses, louis vuitton neverfull tote & rolex watch

Yesterday, mostly fuelled by coffee and a burning desire to procrasinate on my writing, I ambled downtown to take a look at yes, the new enormous Zara that stands very authortative in Plaza Catalunya. I keeping promising to make time for more of the city’s museums and expos,  I never seem to find a moment and yet somehow managed ample time for a skip downtown to check out a new chainstore? I am ridiculous and I say that with genuine contempt. But I did acquire a little back knowledge on this new Zara, it actually sits inside what used to be an old, very regal three storey bank. Inditex is officially diminishing our need for banks in Barcelona, we won’t need anywhere to store our money because we will be wearing it instead. I was dying to share that witty quip with someone while I was shopping but decided to save it for a more eloquent expression here. I suppose that also emphasizes how absolutely distracted I was, it was too much. There were too many clothes, too many people and what I can only assume a very bony, shivering manager who decided that cranking up the heat to sauna level would be a good idea. I left after 20 minutes, most of which was spent waiting in line with these two marl basics I’m wearing here. Did I need them? Absolutely not, but it felt like a waste of a long walk to leave empty-handed. These purchases are similar to when I eat a handful of grapes in hopes of curing a craving for cake.  I have been sighing over a pair of Louis Vuitton heels for weeks, they are a triple figure indulgence just like cake, so as my preventative, I bought these two for 15 euros and walked home half-heartedly satisfied. I don’t much enjoy city shopping, I prefer my retail to come quietly in a horizontal position via a screen on the couch. I have been photographing myself in clothes for over a decade, meaning one look tells me if it will look good or terrible. I preferred this body sloppily slung off one shoulder, as a woman with eternally messy hair, I long ago embraced the ‘undone’ look.


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