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a DIY dash: accessories

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Truth be told, I have never had much patience for DIY. Sure I’ve been known to whip out a pot of gold paint for 10 minutes for the sake of a chair but that really is about as crafty as I get. But then my spring cleaning ritual commenced, which is really the most mundane yet exhausting endeavour, and that is how I suppose this mini ‘do-it-yourself’ came to be; a combination of boredom and unearthing treasures I had forgotten. Do not underestimate the discounted box of scarves at your local vintage shop NOR the ribbon that might have once boxed an online order and NEVER throw away your odd earrings, all these things can be re-fashioned into some pretty cool spring accessories. The Chanel pendant earrings? When I showcased those on my instagram story, the messages came flooding in, everyone loved them. The pendant is one I bought a long time ago which has been sitting idle ever since. How pretty it looks dangling from my 10 euro mango hoops! Same goes for the sneakers, the pearl necklace has a broken clasp but I knotted the chain into the shoelaces. I will refrain from saying much about the silk scarf, you already know I adore them. I would wear one on each body part if I could pull it off without looking like…a flag. I will urge you however to experiment with them, drape and hang them wherever you fancy and see how it looks. And on that note, I will conclude this DIY dash of mine and while they won’t all be crafty, I am planning on producing more posts like this. Quick, easily absorbed style advice because I have impeccable taste. Just kidding, well not really. Funny how we all esteem our own taste, isn’t it?


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