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spring fever

Monday, February 27, 2017

what i’m wearing: lavish alice white ruffle sleeve asymmetric dress, ego black and brown mules, vintage louis vuitton bag via etsy & asos tortoiseshell cateye sunglasses

After a winter mostly in jeans, I have a spring in my step to match the season but also, a turn of good luck in the dress department. OH THIS DRESS I gasped as I slipped it out of the box and shimmied into it, without might I add, the usual sharp intake of breath and dramtically yoga like curve of the back so as to aid the staggering zipper up and closed. Now as a blogger, I have worn many great dresses but I am sure this is the best one yet. I realize such hyperbole isn’t really my style, but I like to think I save my enthusiasm up for the clothes that are really worth gushing over, and nope, I am not being paid a cent to proclaim any of this. But that doesn’t much matter because I felt well worth more than a million dollars in these white ruffles. No more scarves, no more chunky coats nor boots that bloat my legs to kankles. NO MORE. It is all my favourite colours and textures, bare legs and mules from here on out. The weather in Barcelona is airy with those first fresh scents of spring, the only smell I cherish more than that of brewing coffee. And when spring shows her first signs, I get excited, I get enthusiastic, I can’t sleep, I’m too busy thinking of all the things I’ll do because that’s what the season does to me, it makes me want to do everything. Meet more people, try that new restaurant with the rooftop terrace, buy peonies, go to that book club, maybe try one of those HIIT training sessions on the beach, is it too early for bikini shopping and what about balayage, should I go brighter to match the sun ? In fact, the only thing I really mourn about winter fading  is that mandarins will soon no longer be in season and they are one of my favourite fruits. But then there is melon, the mandarin’s slight sexier cousin… melon cocktails in Ibiza, melon slices in a sandy tupperware on the beach, melon body oil…. oh I just love this time of year and all the euphoric promises it seems to bring for me. I genuinely just grew very excited about melon. The sun is my drug and here I am, a junkie, finally relieved. So yes, I am buzzing. I am happier than I have been in a very long time and I know I keep saying that but the joy keeps multiplying and I am obnoxiously flaunting it like a rich man revving his porsche engine.  I feel like you have been with me long enough to know that life got heavy so I hope you can be happy for this much lighter era of my life that really has only just begun. It might be Monday but I had a weekend filled with parties, tomorrow I go back to my beloved Paris and life feels just full, so crammed and joyful of so many very simple things that come spring, really excite me.


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