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seasonal frenzy

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Well here we are, the 24th of May: I cannot believe how quickly this month fell through my hands. It’s been a crazy month, a great month, a very full of many things month. A lot has happened. I haven’t slept enough. I’ve gone out too much. Juggling my ever expanding distractions alongside my increasing work responsibilities has been tough. I have forbidden myself to go out this weekend, it will be the last opportunity for a calm repose at home for a while. Problematically, I have no desire for a quiet weekend. It sounds ridiculous but the few hours I promised myself at my gym’s rooftop pool just don’t cut it as enough fun. Summer energizes me in a way I cannot explain, it’s invigorating but also, absolutely flustering. As soon as I catch my breath, I’m breathless for something else all over again. I can barely manage my whatsapps let alone my emails. I am half  in love with something or someone or someplace new every week. I’ve spent more time than I’d like to admit lying on my floor, blasting music and getting caught up in all kinds of seasonal what-ifs ; that deep kind of daydreaming that only summer can inspire in me. All the while I’m very aware that it is indeed almost June, and how fast these next months will slip away, hazily so, just like the floaty thoughts that leave me as soon as I get up off the floor and back to work.

what i’m wearing: zaful navy striped co-ord, asos cateye sunglasses,
companhia das cestas monogrammed basket bag
, soludos brown
leather espadrilles
& elise tsikis damia earrings


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