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gratitude / gingham

Monday, February 20, 2017

what i’m wearing: asos bakerboy cap, pretty little thing gingham off shoulder blouse, mango skinny jeans & grey scarf, marypaz two toned shoes & mini black chanel bag

Oxygen is all it takes to be happy. Everything else is inconsequential compared to the fact that we are alive. That is all that matters, cling to that the next time a bad day clouds over. It quickly, like dominoes, collapses everything into perspective and it will push your life onto a positive path. This simple fact always brings me back. It sounds morbid, but I for one am tired of all these self-help articles that tiptoe around the one real way to be happy: death. The time will come for you to leave this world, but that’s not today, which makes right now, a good day. I am little overwhelmed with gratitude after spending all weekend at the veterinarian, poor Biba stumbled into some health troubles that took a sharp turn for the worst before they got better.  You all know how much I adore my dog, she’s my best friend, we are inseperable. Pacing around the emergency clinic in my pyjamas at 9 am on Sunday morning was a flash of anxiety that softened all my usual worries.Watching other owners shaking over their own canine friends was heartbreaking, I will never forget the very tough looking man cuddling a very large dog in his lap like a baby. It was so endearing I cried. Now that Biba is feeling better, I am bursting with joy because here we are, and all my friends and family, still breathing and alive.  My disastrously messy apartment, the fact that I spent half a month’s rent on vet bills or the 3 work deadlines I missed will not stress me , no, not today. I am thankful for a routinely mundane Monday. I have been immensely lucky in that no real tragedy has yet stained my 28 years and without it, I think I grew arrogant. It can be hard to remember that life won’t always be here. And yet, ladies here we all are. How lucky we are. Biba seems happy too. Sunshine, gingham and flowers felt apropo for my mood. I skipped the coat today, I did shiver on the shady sides of the streets, but it was invigorating.  Spring is beating away at the winter that will soon be nothing but a ‘once was’ and here I am alive, with my dog to enjoy it.


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