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Stockholm, Sweden

Monday, August 8, 2022

I’ve been to Stockholm various times but every single trip has provided an entirely different experience. Nordic cities, for me, are best visited in the summer under the sun. There is something so serene & civilized about Scandinavia and while Copenhagen will always be my favourite city, I did date a Swede for many years, so undeniably, Stockholm comes a close second.

hotel reisen

Nestled between the old town & the port, we stayed at the iconic Hotel Reisen. Isn’t the name regal? The hotel itself is cosy, eclectic and perfectly positioned to explore the older side of the city. Also, they pride themselves on their coffee, which I have to say,  was exquisite.

an elevator drama

For the first time in my life, I found myself stuck in an elevator and while it wasn’t a pleasant experience, it was one of the most beautiful elevators I’ve seen, so if I had to choose one to be in stuck in, I am glad it was this one. The hotel called the fire department, who then couldn’t come because of an insurance issue. They then called the technician who was across town. It became a frenzy of panicked hotel staff asking if I had sufficient oxygen with Julia sitting on the other side of the elevator keeping me company. Eventually we got tired of waiting for the technician who never arrived so Julia grabbed a screwdriver lying idly on the floor and together we pried the doors open. The look of shock when I sauntered back down into the lobby was priceless. This also summarizes Julia and I professionally – we tend to just get it done despite the mania revolving around us.

toast skagen

Two of my favourite things about Sweden:  how effortlessly feminist they are as a society & toast skagen. Buttery, crispy bread topped with fresh prawns & drizzled in lemon. I think about toast skagen more often than I’d like to admit. Hotel Reisen had an exceptional version, which yes, I ordered for pretty much every single meal.

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