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keeping balanced

Sunday, July 13, 2014


coffee with anouk

Not been having a great time lately, and with it being Sunday, I can finally bid this week adieu as I board my flight to Paris tonight. A quick work pit stop before Haleigh and I embark on a roadtrip through the French countryside. But more on that later, I thought I’d share some photos I took when I had coffee with my lovely Anouk, a familiar face in Barcelona who is always around to help me snap some photos or like today, eat cronuts and drink cappuccinos with me. Simple pleasures are where I’ve been finding my solace recently – and these days, I need these basic things like coffee with a friend, a good book or a long run to help me keep balanced, because recently I have been all over the place – both literally (too many planes to count this year) but also mentally. Some days I love blogging and feel so lucky to do all these digital creative projects professionally…and other days, I grow so hopelessly frustrated and dream of a life where I don’t find myself obsessing over how many likes my instagram photos get. The internet can get a little claustrophobic, I guess. Would you girls come visit me if I opened a book shop /cafe on the beach somewhere instead? Seriously, that would be the life! But blogging is what I do for a living and we all go through ebbs and flows with our work, so here’s to finding my way soon, cultivating a balance between my online world & real world, a balance I seemed to have lost recently. Until then, enjoy these photos from a pretty cafe in Barcelona called Santagloria, home to many different types of cronuts and incredibly large muffins! Plus very friendly staff who had no qualms with us rearranging a lot of their furniture to take these photos.

Oh and while this isn’t an outfit post so to speak, I am wearing a Fashion Pills nude tunic tank dress, Zero UV Sunglasses & a mini Chanel bag, plus be sure to gawk at Anouk’s beautifully vintage Celine bag too!



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