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lace & love in rome

Wednesday, August 6, 2014



What I’m Wearing: Superdry 50s Dovecote Lace Dress, Primark Sandals, Damart Basket Bag & Fashion Pills Sunglasses



Rome has a very special place in my heart. I first visited the city last year as one of my best friends lives there, so really I was going more to see her than explore the city itself. I’ve been to a lot of the cities in Italy over the years but none quite make me swoon like the capital. My very first morning walk through Monte had me infatuated – and all those sensations I felt when I first discovered Paris came rushing back. There is something truly invigorating about falling in love with a place, its as if you have a whole new world at your feet and you want to do, see, experience everything and all at once. And what once was a city you only saw on a postcard (or more likely, on pinterest) becomes a brand new corner of the world you can attach all your own memories and sensations to. I’ve been to Rome 3 times now and am already planning my 4th visit. It has become somewhat of an early tradition for me to buy a bouquet from this adorable old man on a street near my friend’s apartment – this time I chose a dried arrangement and happily carried them around all day in my basket bag. And with the only clean dress left in my suitcase on, I span around on one of Rome’s prettiest bridges at sunset – what a perfect summer memory. More from Rome soon, so stick around girls!


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