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Sunday, October 26, 2014

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What I’m Wearing: Tally Weijl Wool Blazer,Tally Weijl Maroon Blouse & Tally Weijl Flared Jeans

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I wore flares as a teenager, I’m sure a lot of you girls did too, right? And while I don’t find bootcut the most flattering silhouette for my legs, they are a way more comfortable option than my usual skinnies. I’m tired this weekend, existing in what feels like a blur, I´ve forgotten almost everything (from my umbrella to my wallet, even a pair of shoes) and I’ve fallen asleep or missed my metro stop 5 times over the course of 2 days. I need to rest – I have taken on way too much work recently- hoping to shut my laptop early this evening and get into bed. I hope you all had a lovely weekend! More from me here tomorrow, so keep posted!


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