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the red cafe

Monday, November 24, 2014


primark red cafe

What I’m Wearing: Primark Red Dress, Primark Patent Loafers & Primark Diamond Chandelier Earrings


My love affair with red continues – especially at this time of year with Christmas around the corner – and with the year a few weeks from ending, I find myself clutching to the simple things like a pretty dress or a cosy cafe creme in a pretty square to keep calm. This year has undeniably been the best of my life for sure – maybe not the craziest or most fun, but definitely the most rewarding. And about a month ago, a few weeks after my birthday and days after I chopped my hair, life got a little crazy – emotional adjustments and an overload of travel frazzled me and turned me a little bit frantic. There isn’t a month that goes by where I don’t question myself, my actions, decisions – doubting whether I am doing well or progressing in any way, but I guess that’s the beauty of being in your twenties, right inside all that uncertainty lies infinite possibilities. And so while I am rather anxious these days, I feel grateful for an incredible year so far while trying to appreciate all this unpredictability as exciting rather than daunting. And yes, I guess this all seems far too heavy for a Monday, but I wanted to tell you girls to embrace your anxiety – nurture it, control it but also appreciate the emotion – it represents change and with change comes new experiences and a chance to grow and improve.


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