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New Years Eve

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


this year, see with a new light, shine, shining, shine, this year is yours and mine, let’s call everyday divine



what im wearing: primark dress, cat mask & jewellery & headbands & clutch


Every single year, we are a different person, I like to think of it as a constellation of experiences scattering and regrouping, changing us in some way. We grow, we learn and we struggle. Days blur into months and suddenly we are on the brink of another year, and those golden moments – that night between one year and another has always felt so magnetic to me. I feel drawn to New Years Eve, I guess we all do in a way – but there is certainly something spectacular in celebrating the future. I like the glitter, the fireworks, the champagne, the dressed up girls and the rowdy boys spilling out onto the streets and I like how after the party, after the laughter, when our dresses are tossed on the floor,the sun rises on what feels like a new beginning. What amazing infinite hope all in just one night. And so we beat on, hopeful for whatever 2015 brings – and as for me, what do I hope for? The book I know I need to write and maybe a boyfriend to share it with. Everything else I have ever wanted, 2014 gave me and so much more. Wishing you all the most incredible New Year’s Eve, thank you for being around to share this year with. What fun we have had together!


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