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Saturday, December 27, 2014

what im wearing: boohoo wool coat, goldie london dress, louis vuitton monogram bag, boohoo boots & zero uv sunglasses


If I could take all my photos at sunset, I would. I’m not a morning person, so I rarely see the sunrise and when I do, I’ve usually been up all night working or dancing, always too tired or too careless to soak them up. But the sunset and I, we do try to see each other every evening – for a few seconds or on good days, a long walk through that gradient of golden to dark – in the city, on a mountain or by the sea somewhere. Work is stressful, men are confusing, and all the while, I feel like I’m always missing something, a good friend, an ex-boyfriend I don’t love anymore, an incredible memory, a summer adventure – I tend to romanticize the past to the point of almost entirely dissolving the present. It’s a real flaw of mine – but something about the sunset always snaps me out of it. The sky feels calm and the sun is burning down on another day in my life – a life with too few days, too little time to be thinking of anything but right now.


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