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Monday, January 12, 2015

The currency of blogging is authenticity and trust. grab it , honor it, use it.

There are a lot of topics I want to discuss on this new more personal corner of Frassy with you all. And I guess one I discuss the most offline would be blogging – it is something I do everyday, it’s something I’ve done everyday for 7 years now. It comes second nature to me, sharing my life online, while cliched, has become part of who I am. But, in the last few years, I’ve watched the industry become increasingly commercial, and dare I say it, a tiny bit vapid – shopping obsessed, trend fed, hyperbolical views into perfect looking lives. Now, I have nothing against that and sincerely, I support every blogger out there, wholeheartedly, on whatever journey that decide to take with their website. And I’ll defend their right to do it as a professional blogger until my throat is sore. Nor am I against professional blogging, how could I be, when the majority of my income comes from Frassy?

I believe bloggers, just like journalists, stylists, photographers, should be compensated for their work. But I also believe that as a content creator, and a often sponsored one at that, I can always find a way to combine my creativity with the brand project and tie these together to write a truthful and hopefully interesting story, a real slice of my life – not these rose tinted stories I see all over instagram, all over facebook, all over everywhere – to me, they aren’t interesting, enticing nor authentic – and quite personally, it’s become so ubiquitous, everyone everywhere has a better life than ours, the viewers. People always looking to impress, aren’t they tedious to talk to? Why must our lives be enviable to be interesting? Why has self promotion replaced human connection? Have we forgotten that blogging started as a conversation, not a boastful monologue?

Back in the beginnings, back in the days of posing in my dark, damp University bedrooms – blogging was much more of a community, a discussion between girls and it started simply, revolving around the clothes we could afford and wore. Call me an old lady, but I sometimes miss those pre-social media, pre-instagram days. I made some of my closest best most cherished friends back in those days – and I have blogging to thank for that, we interacted with each other online and from from those emails bloomed wonderful, long lasting friendships. So I guess what I am saying here is that I miss the authenticity, the honesty, the reality – the traits of blogging that made it such a refreshing and interesting outlet. It’s still around just not as prevalent, it feels. I’m not impressed by hundreds of pairs of shoes, airplane tickets all over the world or selfies at Fashion Week with celebrities.

All those things are fun and great – but I’m not going to be following along religiously. When I read online, I seek real stories by real women – insights into their lives that aren’t always peachy keen, stories that make me feel something. And if they are making money in the process, well all the better, their creativity and hardwork have  true value – and that makes me so happy. And at close to decade of blogging,  I am struggling to find ways to stay relevant and compelling to you kind women who read Frassy but I’ll start simply, by vowing to be a friend you can relate to, rather than a girl you envy. That isn’t me. I am just like you. I have financial struggles, I cry more often than I’d like to admit and so often, I feel truly so lost and so completely clueless. But I do feel positive about being more personal and taking this blog in all kinds of new honest directions, one day at a time.


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