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Wednesday, January 7, 2015



what im wearing: wallis turtleneck sweater, wallis fishtail panel skirt & wallis asymmetric cut shoe boots


A simple outfit for a day of work – coffee, emails, a cloudy day, keeping cosy in my newfound love for the turtleneck. So much to do, so much to think about, so much to plan – I’m not complaining, life feels pretty full right now, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. But staying true to what Einstein said, ‘out of clutter, find simplicity’ – I did just that and kept my outfit basic. Some days are just too complicated to worry about mascara or jewellery or how my hair looks, instead I’ll pull on whatever feels right, usually that’s boyfriend jeans and a sweater ten sizes too big for me but today, I did try to make some effort. I am always in awe of women who look so put together all the time, consistently. I have good days where my lipstick matches my shoes, ok days where I would look elegant if it weren’t for my messy hair and then there are bad days, where the shadows under my eyes are my only accessory. Here’s to trying to be more polished, all the time. I wish I had something more inspiring to write here, but today, at the end of this very long large day, I’m lacking lustre here, feeling somewhat muted – looking forward to crawling into a duvet fort with a book (I’m reading this one) and savoring some solitude. Good night you beautiful women.


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