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navy breton & red lips

Monday, March 23, 2015

Breton, red lipstick, messy hair tied so tight it looks
tidy and a matching trench in case the sun slips away.

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Optimized-2.jpg_effected (4)

what im wearing: sugarhill tabitha navy trench
& sugarhill marcia fit & flare breton dress

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Breton, red lipstick, messy hair tied so tight it looks tidy and a matching trench in case the sun slips away. These are superheroes in my everyday wardrobe – heroes in that they save me on the laziest days when peeling off my pyjamas feels near impossible. I can hide in clothes like these, I can run through empty Paris streets in clothes like these, under their simplicity I can tackle the most complicated day. Clothes are as much of a statement as they are a shield – at 26, I choose my armor far more carefully than I did in my earlier twenties. And the emotions held behind these shields we choose everyday, these are endlessly fascinating to me. What do we wear on a rough day? What do our emotions pull out of our wardrobes? What do our clothes convey about our dispositions? Dressing ourselves is an emotive response to our mood and  our world on that very day. I love this idea, as an overly sentimental girl, I am forever seeking out significance in these quotidian actions we cycle through. And within this confusing thing we call life, where I am stumbling more often than sailing, the shields I put on my back everyday are one of the easiest and most enjoyable choices I make everyday – and that right there is why I adore clothes as much as I do. And thank goodness for simple outfits like this one to slip into when my mind is a mess and my feelings are a storm.


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