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perfectly paired

Thursday, April 16, 2015

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oasis collaborates with keds – perfectly paired for a perfectionist like me.


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what im wearing: oasis ruby dress, oasis pale blue sixties
collarless coat
& oasis x keds perfectionist plimsoles

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I am so honored to be working alongside Oasis on their Keds collaboration – 4 pairs of shoes, each with their own personality – and with a blogger representing each of the 4, it only seemed fitting for me to slip the perfectionist pair onto my own feet. Undeniably, I strive for perfection to an almost painful extent. Not in beauty, goodness no, my face is my face and I’ll celebrate that just the way it is. You see, I seek perfection solely but wholly in my creative endeavors, I am lucky enough to work in a field where I am steadily inspired, as such I am always motivated to take a better photo or string the best sentence together that I possibly can. It can be frustrating, I don’t let this desire go – I will reshoot and reword until it almost resembles a cycle of insanity. Perfection is an energy that comes from inside and it flows forever, in streams that lead to rivers that wash into waves. It consumes me, but ultimately, I aim to create something I can feel proud of – and that’s precisely what I am, proud of Frassy, proud of the content I share here and proud to be working so closely with Oasis on such an wonderful collaboration. While these photographs were taken in Spain, today, I am here in Dublin to host the official Oasis x Keds launch – so here’s to me slipping on my pair of perfectionists and hopefully being the perfect host. I do hope you follow along on instagram – but there will be more to come here on Frassy too. And if anything else, I hope I inspire you to celebrate whatever whims your own inner perfectionist throws at you, embrace them, channel them into your work – so that ultimately you are proud – because really, that is the ultimate perfection : pride.


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