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The Perfect Balcony

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

some photos from here & there on the most perfect
paris balcony, compliments of paris perfect rentals


haleigh & i are wearing vesper dresses: bonita colourblock
, sherry skater dress & juliea bodycon dress


I’ve called so many different places home in Paris, from big beyond my budget apartments with windows stretching to the ceiling (compliments of my Dad’s bank account) all the way down to a tiny and depressing damp room on the 1st floor of in the more-seedy-than-chic side of Pigalle. I’ve lived luxe and I’ve seen the shoddier side of living in this city too. There have been dinner parties in houses that shine like lavish museums and late nights in studios tucked away into the Marais with a dirt floor and no electricity. It is curious the hierarchy of money that staggers in levels from fairy tale-penthouse to no bathroom-studios, all nestled within the same building. But I’ve seen it all, I’ve been poor and I’ve felt rich in Paris. Yet, never in all the years have I seen a balcony quite like this one – a wraparound that circles the entire top floor with an Eiffel so close you could almost talk to it, or stretch out into the sky and try to touch the tower itself. You may remember this view from a few weeks ago, Paris Perfect Rentals kindly hosted me for a few wonderful days in this apartment. And in an attempt to photograph every last corner, I couldn’t help but share these balcony photos with you too. Minutes after I arrived, Haleigh was in a taxi and skipping up the stairs to see the views herself – and together we stood there, icy cold wine in hand – marveling at how wonderful Paris must be from the top. Being twenty something Americans in a city we love, one we demanded to conquer in our own ways – it’s not an easy feat. In fact seizing a city that is not yours by birthright – finding a corner of it and claiming it as your own, at times feels somewhat impossible. But there we were, successful modestly but not quite where we want to be – looking out over Paris and affirming that one day, we would be at the top – deciding Paris must be perfect – a utopia of sorts, because here we were, years later still here, still trying, still struggling but all the while, still marveling.


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