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the silly things

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


a pink daisy pink print, a mint green tint & a sun so bright it makes me squint


Optimized-4.jpg_effected (1)

Optimized-tally weijl

what im wearing: tally weijl breton top, tally weijl distressed jeans,
tally weijl mint green bandana, tally weijl mint green satchel & wallet

Optimized-3.jpg_effected (7)

It’s that time of month, it drives into me every few weeks and parks up in a corner of the frontal lobe of my brain – without getting too technical, the frontal lobe of your brain is where most of your dopamine neurons are stored – dopamine is associated with things like planning, motivation and attention. Do you see what I’m getting at? I am positively lifeless – motivation has been replaced by doubt and instead of working I am sitting here agonizing over my photographs, wondering if the clothes I wear are ‘cool’ enough and a montage of other pointless thoughts that cram and clutter my frontal lobe like dust that scatters and floats away when swept up. This vague dissatisfaction – it leaves a question mark hanging heavy and restless over my head. Every month for a few days, it appears and so here we are today, at the almost end of another month that sped by too fast. I know it will pass, evaporate suddenly and inexplicably but for now, it’s here and I’m not mad, not quite sad, just an in-between where nothing seems right. So what did I do? In a lethargic effort to take some photos, I returned to the white wall where I tend to take a great deal of my instagram photos – but being in the mood I am in, it seemed more grey than white today, more dirty than perfectly clean… but I posed like I always do. And after a great deal of coffee, I decided to add in a pink daisy background – because it’s fun and weird and bright. Three adjectives I quite like, three adjectives right now I could use in my life. So with my messy hair tied tight underneath a mint green that matches just right – I come at you with this; funks – we all find ourselves in them. Release for me was this pretend print I created in photoshop, yours could be anything – but sometimes and usually (for me) it is the simplest, most silly or trivial seeming things that keep me smiling. I hope you find your own pink daisies this week – we all need them every now and again.


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