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Waking up at the Dean

Saturday, April 25, 2015

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a morning at the dean hotel in dublin, ireland last weekend

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what i’m wearing : wildfox wild heart pyjama romper,
wild heart lace robe & wild heart sleep mask

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You already know, I refuse to follow fashion trends, saying that, I do love trendy hotels. Trendy in that they are new, trendy in that they are different, trendy in that there will be a great big giant bed I can sink into. Trendy hotels are really the only kind of trendy I like. And The Dean is probably the trendiest hotel in Dublin right now, for weeks before my trip, I saw this hotel all over the internet, in my instagram feed and on twitter too. So, naturally I really wanted to make it over there for at least a night, so I did. And I loved it! The interiors are smoky and alluring in a very masculine way, a lot of plush navy, gritty marble and unfinished wood – their reception looks like a living room, with books and vintage cameras placed sporadically on shelves. As a very feminine woman, I really enjoyed the masculinity of this hotel – it was cosy but demanding in the sense that I didn’t really want to venture far from my room, except maybe to sunbask on their rooftop bar & restaurant balcony (which you must visit if you happen to be in Dublin). As for my room, the walls were mostly all windows, which I always adore in an interior – I don’t have curtains or blinds in my own home, preferring to wake up with natural light, so waking up to such a bright room was refreshing. From 8 am to just before my 12 o’clock meeting, I loitered and lounged in my pyjamas, read my books, drank too much coffee and ordered the fluffiest blueberry pancakes I am yet to eat. And they even had fresh kale & carrot juice on their room service breakfast menu, being an overzealous juicer myself, this is the one home comfort I miss most at hotels, but the Dean’s was delicious and while I hate to admit it, probably better than my own.


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