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between the pillars

Monday, July 27, 2015


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I do love pillars, in the same way I adore great big ancient doors or buildings painted in unusual colours. I do try to seek out the prettiest spots, wherever I am, to share here with you. Places empty of people and quiet for a fleeting minute for me to frame into a photograph. Funny that so much of what I do for a living revolves around visuals, usually of me. This will never not seem strange. For a girl who grew up shy and painfully geeky, it still is a surprise that people log in here to see me and what I’m wearing. Ofcourse, I’m honoured, I have been for years. But I never expect you or anyone else to arrive and stick around here in my little corner of the internet, and when they do, it’s somewhat like an unexpected knock at the front door. Not knowing why or who they are, a little startled but also, welcome to the company standing just outside, waiting to be let in, hopefully with a smile (or a bottle of frosty wine). I hope this year, especially this year, I have let you in. I hope I have so far managed to strike an equilibrium between the clothes I wear and the woman I am. Because I feel confident enough to say that I have more to share than just the clothes, behind the fabric on my skin is skin and a brain that has ideas and opinions and all kinds of emotions that oscillate in the same way my shoes do. I have a few very intimate, verging on inappropriate personal diary posts planned for the near future, it is just a matter of organizing and dusting them off into coherent themes, give me a little bit of time. Until then, I hope you continue clicking on here. I probably don’t thank you enough, so thank you.


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