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Monday, October 5, 2015

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my new saviour: the smartest watch i’ve ever worn

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You already know, I’ve been working. Working very hard, the last 35 days have rolled by, whirling all weekends but one into work. Sundays have felt like Mondays, in fact its been 35 Mondays, no relief filled Fridays or lazy Saturdays. I have been on 8 airplanes, meaning I’ve packed, unpacked and found my way to an airport every week. I’ve clocked 12-16 hour days, facing each morning with minimal sleep and a head so full I’m sure half of what I was meant to do fell to the wayside, forgotten in the frenzy. My email inbox is the digital version of a heart attack and the lists I’ve scrawled are on sheets of paper bigger than my face. So, when Paris Fashion Week arrived, the final stint, I intended to prepare in the same way one would for a marathon. Of course, it didn’t happen that way. Prior to my Paris flight, I had to attend an event, meaning my suitcases were packed way past midnight before my 7 am morning flight. I arrived on 3 hours sleep and a stressful schedule to tackle. Girls, I am exhausted, drained, depleted.  There is now not much left in me. I have never felt like this in my entire life. In terms of coping, I have a few ways, such as infinite overpriced coffees and allowing myself to eat whatever I please (typically carb loaded or dripping in cheese).

But truly, my life saver has been this little rose gold device on my wrist, otherwise known as a Vector watch. Now, wait you know I never buy into hype. I don’t own any trend pieces (gross) and it took years before I even bought an iPhone. So I was shocked to discover how incredible a smart watch can be, especially during a chaotic time like this when I’m drowning in work. I have officially been converted and while I will still roll my eyes at the Apple watch and it’s ridiculous price tag, I can genuinely say I’m a fan of Vector. Not half as pricey and far prettier, if you ask me! My emails appear in real time on screen, as do instagram and whatsapp notifications, meaning instead of sifting through , I can respond immediately only to the important stuff. It also notifies me when I have a meeting, reminding me not to forget, an error more than likely when I’m as tired as I am. The app that works alongside the watch is very user friendly, even for a tech-retard like myself. I can change the watch face with one easy swipe, track how many steps I’ve taken as well as consult the weather all via a pretty little rose gold face on my wrist. I am in awe! This is truly a gadget the little girl version of me would never have believed could exist. I feel like Inspector Gadget, even more so seeing as I almost always have a trench over my shoulders.  Having this little gem on my wrist has been a solid support in keeping my schedule from frazzling out of control. And yes, I cannot believe I dismissed the idea of a smart watch for as long as I did.  Saying that, now that I own a Vector, I can safely save I’ll stay loyal to the brand, mostly because it has been a saviour during this very difficult, tiring time. Up next? I’m excited to use it in the gym to track calories , I am always suspicious of the treadmill count, so I am intrigued as to what my Vector will tell me after my daily run.


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