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the orbit collection by astrid & miyu

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

orbit: an intepretation

Jewellery, is there anything easier to wear? It always fits, no size struggles and it’s a delicious way to dress up the face without foundation, which as you know, I’ve given up for the sake of my near 3 decade old skin. Speaking of, I love how the sharp shine of jewellery looks against all the varying soft shades and dappled textures of skin. It was a contrast I wanted to celebrate when I set out to photograph Astrid & Miyu’s brand new Orbit collection, which as you may have guessed is inspired by the cosmos. Outerspace has always fascinated me, in fact when I think about it in any depth, I physically reach the limits of my intelligence, as if my mind hits a black wall. Frightening, humbling and yet oddly invigorating too. The world and all it has to offer, all that is still discoverable in itself is overwhelming and thinking past that can slam life into the perspective we all need at times. And then ofcourse we have our inner cosmos too; motivations, emotions and thoughts we individually orbit around and I am still de-mystifing all that I orbit around. And yet quite like outerspace it’s a mystery I will never solve. However, there is peace in remembering the absolute unknown on earth, beyond in space and even right here within our skin and bones. All I am is yet to unravel and evolve, life spins us into many versions of ourselves which usually turn cyclically. And so I suppose that is my own personal interpretation of the curious, beautiful jewellery I am wearing here; the orbit within us and the orbits beyond us are absolutely, entirely, undoubtedly, unknown. How terrifyingly beautiful is that?

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