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cocolux at home

Monday, December 14, 2015

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the second installment of many to come for frassy
home, sharing a candle secret called cocolux

i absolutely adore candles, i am crazy about candles so i’m happy to finally have a place to express this affair of mine


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as you probably know i chose copper and rose
gold as the accent tones for my home

they are packaged beautifully, burn beautifully and are 100% organic too. i’m not a fan of
cheap chemical laden candles, even the copper tins are made from recycled metal


i have quite the cocolux collection

my favourites are: sweet pomegranate, exotic amber spice & tropical gardenia

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i have one in every room of my home

excessive? perhaps, but i tend to do most things to excess

One of the many reasons I started frassyhome was so that I could finally write about candles. Because, I adore them. I spend all my money on them, I collect them, I scatter them across every surface of my house and for some reason I can’t explain, they make me foolishly happy. To simply see one burning on the table across from my sofa makes me smile.  In fact I started buying candles in anticipation of my home before I could even afford my home. The wax version of a hope chest, I suppose. And so with that in mind and as the second post within a category I have a lot planned for, I wanted to introduce you to a candle brand I discovered by happenstance on instagram and since fell in love with. And before you roll your eyes over there, this is not sponsored. I just love Cocolux, their candles are handmade in Australia and packaged in copper or rose gold tins. Now, as you know I chose these two metals as the accent tones in my own home, so not only do they smell delicious, they deliciously match my decor too. They are all infused in coconut and the smell is beautifully potent, burning one for 20 minutes fills an entire room. Now as a fervent collector of candles, I believe in a varied collection. In the same way I prefer to have my shelves filled with all kinds of literature; the same goes for my scents. So while I will always adore the likes of Diptyque or Byredo, I do try to keep it interesting, hence why I threw Cocolux into my wax favourites. They are luxe but the brand isn’t oversold, it is still a lovely little secret. But I told you now. Oh well, I love you as much as candles.


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