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earth tones & influences

Friday, February 19, 2016





Earth tones, oh I adore them this year. I traded the brighter colours in my wardrobe for the shades of the Sahara, yes I like the sound of that. Khakis or other curious deep dark greens, creams closer to sand than milk, browns in camel and caramel like a desert sunset sky…. I could go on, and on but I won’t. As for my fashion influences? I traded my little girl dreams, which were growing a little disturbing in a Lolita way and opted for a more womanly wardrobe. I’ve already spoken about this with you, but I feel incredibly refreshed after I made the conscious decision to upgrade the clothes I wear. I’m enjoying my ensembles and yes, I realize this all sounds very trivial. But we all have to wear clothes so why the hell not consider them? Right? Now, while I don’t spend much time getting dressed, I do carefully consider my wardrobe as a whole. One day’s outfit is simply a window in what is the entire skycraper of my ‘style’ so to speak. I study what I’m drawn to and why, and what has pushed me into wanting to dress a certain way or covet a certain style. I don’t follow fashion, with the exception of a few bloggers, all of which are friends in real life too. As for trends, they are about as captivating to me as physics is, which is not at all. AT ALL. So when I find myself being pulled in certain style directions, I really try to identity what influences and has influenced my tastes, because undeniably they have changed and they always will change. I think it’s important for us as women to realize that we are always wanting; new shoes, new hair, a new Mac lipstick and so on. In many ways, this is natural and harmless but at times, we have to explore the line between natural and beautiful influences versus the interminable power of marketing that washes over us all day, everyday. Scrolling through instagram is  in itself  an advertising campaign, I’m aware that my feed probably is too and I might push or encourage you to buy things because I’ve worn them in a way you might like. And we all know this website generates money, most of my money in fact, but the words I write, that sit alongside the sponsored content? Not a single brand has ever paid me for those, which is why I like to write here because they remain untainted by financial gains. I can wear the clothes, cash the cheque but still speak my truths. I don’t understand why more bloggers don’t do it too. And so what I wanted to urge today is to question your wants, we as women want too much. We can be influenced and we can be marketed to, there is a huge and terrible difference. I know I probably do both to you. As for my switch in style, I am safely confident that it was the result of growing up a little and not the effects of advertising. I know this in my heart to be true. It was a natural,  progression that made me feel better about my closet and the clothes I toss on my body. Other wants or changes I crave? I know them to be faux and imposed by something I most likely saw via a screen. I hope you are aware and pensive enough to identity when enough wanting is enough and when it goes too far. Be selective with your influences, they are powerful forces. And the good ones? Stick with them, but always be prepared to question what is inspiring to you and why. Don’t let marketing wash over you, it happens easily but come on, we here as a group of girls are smarter than that. Right?


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