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Monday, February 22, 2016
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I like the spontaneity in these photos, sporadically is exactly how they came to be. It feels like I spend a great deal of my daily life walking down Paseo de Gracia and so en route for coffee with a plan to shoot somewhere quieter, my assistant snapped these photographs. But impromptu is how I feel these days, I’m speeding through saying YES to almost everything. My boyfriend asks me if I want to go spend a week on an island in Cape Verde? I say YES.  What about  dinner at a different fancy place on Friday night? YES, WHY NOT. A hairdresser here in Barcelona asked if I’d like to come in for a complimentary change in hairstyle? YES, SI POR FAVOR. Girls I don’t know invite me for coffee and I say, SURE YES WHERE. Oh life can be such a big boring nothing if one says no all the time, and it’s a word I am very comfortable stating or texting or simply shaking my head in disdain. Then again, I’ve always found it hard to resist doing things purely for the story, the experience, the tale to tell afterwards.  I think its one of the reasons I went on so many dates when I was single, why I continued to casually see a few men here and there; not because I truly enjoyed them but because it was an experience and I’m addicted to adding chapters to this diary I call my life. It’s why I like to move to new cities, buy new books or happy to do just about anything as long as its new and I’ve never done it before. Like hiking to the bunkers of Barcelona or planning a trip on a boat in the summer with my best friend or buying a mountain bike so I can start seeing things from higher heights. Obviously there are many exceptions and a lot of things it is always best to say NO to, but anything comfortable and fun and seemingly trivial can very often be better answered with a yes than a no. I think it’s important to consider our lives as a story, despite our obligations, despite the mundane, we must seek out narratives worth filling the days we have. Because at the end of it all, its our experiences that we keep, its the story that sticks to our bones. And wow, we are alive and we have these days beyond us and behind us and that is exhilarating and we can fill them however we please. Isn’t that MAGICAL? Isn’t that BEAUTIFUL? Sometimes I think this simple thought and it blasts me away, I am infinitely grateful for this opportunity, the chance at a life and a story that keeps unfolding with every  breath I take. So yeah its Monday and that can be an ache, but this is life, and it’s once and all at once and there is a story, there is always a story, I really hope you remember that for your own life, I hope you remember it today, and tomorrow and for the rest of your days. It’s your life, I hope you set your own story, I hope you set it blasting wild, beautiful, messy alight.


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