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Monday, February 15, 2016

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Sybil, Jemima & I are wearing head-to-toe Primark. We went shopping together and everything we are wearing is available in stores now.

I’ve never been enthusiastic about Valentine’s Day, call me a cynic but I don’t need a frivilous card or something gift wrapped to celebrate the love in my life. And if anyone ever bought me a teddy bear I’d throw it back at them. But when Primark asked me to celebrate a different sort of love, the love of friends, between women, preferably wandering the city with the sole aim of caffeine somewhere quaint; ofcourse I was all for it.  And so I rounded up two women I especially enjoy in Barcelona, their faces are becoming familiar in that true friend way and I can tell them things about my boyfriend or my period and they’ll smile. If they need somewhere to sleep late at night, I’ll always answer my phone and open my front door. And on that note, let me introduce Jemima and Sybil, two wildly creative girls with dreams as big as mine. And like me, expats in that forever searching, never satisfied way. Funny how simply living outside of your birth country can be a binding force in friendship. Perhaps if you ever lived abroad, you will know this too. Hanging out with these girls is a solace in itself. I cannot even count the many conversations we’ve had about Catalan and whether it is a language we should at least try to learn. We wonder about cultural things like siestas and stores closing for lunch but then smugly appreciate the warm non-winter weather.  Biba too, obviously formed part of our squad for the day where we drank Spanish strong coffee,  Jemima tripped as always and Sybil wore great shoes like she does. I am lucky enough to have a handful of strong, forever females in my life – I cherish these women over the romances that so far have entered and swiftly exited my life. And while I do have a boyfriend I love very much, our relationship wouldn’t be half as gratifying if I didn’t have these women to recount every minute detail too. And that’s why I adore women and will always treasure the ones in my life, they care in that special female way that’s curious-verging-on-nosy and we listen to one another, truly. Now, if that’s not a love worth celebrating while everyone else runs around with a stupid teddy bear than I don’t know what is. Happy Valentine’s Day from my squad to yours.


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