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a paris day with la redoute

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

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A few weeks ago, a brand I love invited me to Paris to participate in their new campaign; La Redoute Madame, a variety of assigned personalities that reflect all of us as women and their corresponding styles. It was an honour to embody ‘Madame intellectual’, as a book lover and a writer, I wore my glasses, a suprisingly flattering pair of flares and pretended to read books. Now, Laura, the digital marketing girl at La Redoute is a good friend of mine, so after the shoot we embarked on a 24 hour spin through the city, and despite the grey rain, it was such a fun day. And like usual, I captured almost all of it, so here it is, a Paris day with a very Parisian brand and a girl I adore.

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Obviously anyone that hangs out with me is forced to sit and gulp extreme amounts of coffee, so we did just that. There is no where better to drink coffee than Paris, it might not always taste good but the views  and cute cafes always compensate. I also felt compelled to find the perfect door to photograph my hat and tote on.  Does anybody else do that? Or just me?

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When it rains, I always come to Palais Royal, one of my favourite spots in the city and a lovely place to hide from the rain under the pillars. And like everytime, I felt compelled to take some photos too, Laura even let me photograph her!


what i’m wearing: la redoute white long sleeved blouse, la redoute flared sailor trousers, la redoute wool panama hat & la redoute high heeled burgundy sandals

Some of the photos we shot in the studio, I laughed a lot which isn’t the most intellectual of poses so the props, in the form of books came in handy. Straight after, we wandered over to the La Redoute interiors pop up in the Marais, filled with shaggy rugs and cushions I would love to have in my own little frassyhome.

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We walked a lot, stopping for lunch after stumbling into Diptyque and spending too much money, followed by flower shopping at Hotel Costes for dessert, there was cups upon cups of coffee alongside a lot of rain, 2 dinners instead of 1, lots of laughs and a whole lot of fun.


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