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lipsticks cheaper than coffee

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Quite like my clothing, I am no a snob, I get as excited about my vintage Louis Vuitton as I do about the perfect 10 euro blouse – and the same can be said for my makeup. Basically if it’s flattering, I like it. The price nor the brand much matter and ultimately, I am a huge advocate for money saving, so sometimes the cheaper options are actually my preferred choice. So, after a few weeks of wearing a few different lipsticks with accompanying lipliners and glosses, from none other than Primark, I thought I’d share my top 3 with you. Now, while price might not matter much, when it comes to lip colour, I am horribly picky, so these 3 are fierce recommendations after a great deal of frowning and wondering why I look like a clown in so many lipstick shades.

Optimized-Untitled-2 (7)

1. the dark, dusty summer red


It’s no secret that I’ve had lip fillers and with my bigger mouth, a great deal of the brighter reds look ridiculous on me ; it’s a too much lip and wayy too much teeth sort of situation. Hence why I moved over to a darker, less saturated colour and this one is pretty perfect. If I’m totally honest, it’s the exact shade of my Mac Chilli with the same matte finish but far, far more affordable. As you can see, this lipstick makes me very happy, but mostly I’m rejoicing because I don’t look like a cartoon character with a red lip. I do have lipstick on my teeth though, but hey you can’t get everything right, right?

2. the ‘you know i adore nude’ nude


I know absolutely nothing about makeup and I happily admit my ignorance ; however, I have one niche expertise and that is the nude lipstick. I own at least 15 different variations of this beautiful, flattering for everyone shade. Now, I have my preferred ones that I ‘m stubbornly loyal to so I didn’t have high hopes for the Primark version. But it blew me away, especially the accompanying lipliner and I like how it looks against my ‘too’ *eyeroll* tanned skin. I will however apologize for the too close up photo as well as that pest of a pimple on my chin, but I just had to show you how pretty it looks in full -detail.

3. the wildcard tropical pink


Ok, so I never ever wear pink lipstick, usually it looks too girly on me and I’m always trying so hard (and failing) to act like a lady. When I first caught glimpse of this shade, I shuddered instantly imagining just how comical it would look on my ever growing lips. So I’m very surprised to say, I like it. Not for everyday and not on a date but at the beach drinking a mojito in a white swimsuit? That’s the scenario I imagine when I look at this colour. It’s a curious, not your typical coral blush colour and I’ve assertively decided to embrace it this summer.


all lipsticks, lipliners & lip glosses are available now in all primark stores – approx 2.50 each, yes that cheap!


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