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Thursday, June 16, 2016
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They say we  are a product of our environments, strangers used to assume I was French with my brunette bob and preference for breton. These days, most people assume I’m Italian which thrills me because long ago, I placed the country on a permanent pedestal. Imagine their disappointment when I’m really a not so chic, vague, nomadic sort of American. Anyway, the place I exist undeniably has an incredible influence one me. I’ve assertively attributed Barcelona for my slow but notable change in style.  I even take a siesta most days, something I never did when I lived in France. But today, I am mostly referring to my wardrobe – culturally speaking, I adopted many Spanish qualities but that was years ago when I grew up here. I have turned  a rather bohemian direction and so have the clothes I prefer to wear. I look in lust at those beach bags bouncing with pompoms or embellished with a hundred tiny beads. I’d quite like to own one of everything in straw or raffia. Colours like terracotta, khaki green or a sandy beige are irresistible to me.  I’m forever studying frayed denim  in different washes or bikinis in unusual colours, wondering if I should buy them. If I can’t wear something to the beach I don’t want to wear it at all.   I’m happier with big blonder but absolutely messy hair. In fact, everything is a little more messy here in Barcelona, from the constant collection of sand on my floors to the emotions that coarse through me to the stack of old shorts I wear on repeat. I stay out too late, I never brush my hair and I cannot remember the last time I wore anything other than espadrilles. And so today, I bring you my latest bohemian excess, beach jewellery. I’ll be truthful and tell you, it’s not practical but then again, neither are heels and we still all insist on clomping around in those. And just like dangerously high stilettos, an assortment of jewellery sitting in tangles atop a bikini looks beautiful. I hope I’ve inspired you to try it this summer, and what better place to grab your own ‘boho excess’ than Primark, all my beach jewels here cost less than a large pizza. Ideal because after some experience, you’re bound to lose a ring or bracelet to the sea or the sand.


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